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Reduce Line Rental Costs

What is WLR?

WLR now gives customers the ability to move both their lines and calls, away from BT, to another supplier. The benefits to the customer are that they can retain their existing phone number and all the features that they currently enjoy but at a greatly reduced cost.

How does WLR work?

WLR is a very simple transfer of billing from one supplier to another, all phone numbers and features are retained.

Who would own the lines?

Usually British Telecom (BT), would still own the lines, if you had a fault for any reason you would contact the alternative tier one carrier and they would arrange for an BT Openreach engineer to visit and fix any faults.

An example of possible savings:

PLC Limited has 10 x Analogue Lines, ISDN30 with 30 Channels Enabled, so their monthly bill for line rental is 650

If they transferred their lines to an alternative tier one carrier, who offer more competitive line rental charges, their monthly line rental would be 590, a saving of 60 a month, and if you put this with the CPS that's a saving of 290 a month, so over a year the PLC Limited company would of saved nearly 3500.