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Save Money - Use Carrier Pre Select (CPS)

What is CPS??

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) allows you to choose which telecommunications provider you want to carry your voice calls. There is no inconvenience involved with CPS, no autodiallers, manual prefixing or PBX reprogramming; you keep your existing phone numbers and continue to make calls as usual.

Carrier Pre-Selection uses network access technology, so traffic originating from your site will be routed directly to your chosen network with no need for prefix codes. The "selection" of the preferred provider is done automatically at point of entry (the local exchange) to the public voice network.

Who would carry the calls?

Usually British Telecom (BT) would carry the calls, however the billing and the "benchmark rates" are coming from an alternative tier one carrier.

An example of possible savings:

PLC Limited use 5000 minutes a month calling national numbers. Their current provider charges 6 pence per minute.
Therefore their monthly bill for calls to national numbers is 300.00.

By routing calls to an alternative tier one carrier, who offer competitive call rates comparable to our "benchmark prices" reductions can be achieved.  Therefore their monthly bill could easily be 50% less a month.

If you would like anymore information about potential savings please contact us