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About Overhead Expense Reduction Consultants 381

381 Consultancy is a professional firm of Overhead Expense Reduction consultants in the field of non-core support costs. A major attraction to clients is our 'no saving - no fee' (contingency fee) policy.

One significant benefit 381 Consultancy brings to clients is the benchmark database of prices that various clients should be paying for support costs. Another is our technicians.

Over the last few years, downsizing and re-engineering has resulted in many organisations having fewer staff to cope with more tasks. Other organisations have experienced exponential growth and have suffered 'growing pains'.

As part of this change, senior staff have quite rightly been concentrating their efforts on the strategic aspects of their business. However, this constant process of change has sometimes meant that many cost-reduction opportunities have been lost to these organisations because of the lack of time, knowledge and specific expertise.

381 Consultancy was formed as a direct response to the need for organisations to be helped in the process of reducing their non-core costs

381 Consultancy offer a professional, very high service level to a wide range of clients in all markets, sectors and industries. This has been achieved with a team of professionally qualified client directors, backed by a team of highly specialised technical analysts who together ensure that our work is the best that can be achieved.

381 Consultancy is a team that believes that The Shortest Route to Improved Profitability is to Remove Unnecessary Costs. It is a team that specialises in reducing unnecessary and unwarranted overheads for clients in all industries and market sectors by reorganising, repackaging and (if necessary) resourcing until clients are achieving the best value for money.

Our clients range in size from those with turnovers in the hundreds of millions down to tens of millions. They cross most industry sectors including the not-for-profit sector.

Clients are often initially doubtful about the level of savings we can uncover but our experience is that nearly all organisations across all sectors have one or more cost heads where significant inroads can be made without detriment to quality or service. This major cost saving area is generally a surprise to our clients where costs can typically be almost halved without any adverse effect on the business, as well as making worthwhile savings elsewhere.

We perform all of the work - our clients only make the decisions.