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Reduce Business Rates & get Relief. If you do not feel that there are savings to be made in this area, you are not alone. It is a common misconception in companies and the public sector that business rates cannot be reduced. However, using benchmark prices for the different types of floor areas (showroom/ warehouse etc) and comprehensive comparison of what other buildings are being charged by the Government agency, the Valuation Office, costs can be dramatically reduced. 20% savings are not at all uncommon and frequently 6 figure savings are achieved.

How can I reduce my Business Rates liability?

There may be an opportunity for reduction by appeal against your rates valuation. If you pay between £12,000 and £500,000 per year in business rates then we can help you.

In order to ensure that you have the correct valuation, a thorough examination of 'Comparable Evidence' and an accurate measurement of your premises using laser guns is essential to calculate your useable space. 'Comparable Evidence' comprises of nationwide data from other properties of similar size and use etc, against which your rateable value can be benchmarked.

If you would like to check your rateable value click Check Your Rateable Value

On what grounds can I appeal against my rating assessment?

  • If you believe that your new rateable value is incorrect.
  • If the valuation officer changes your rateable value for any reason.
  • If part of your property has become excepted from rate liability.
  • If there has been a material change of circumstances which you feel affects the value of your property, such as:
    • a change in its physical state such as adding to it or demolishing part of it.
    • a change in its use.
    • a physical change in the locality
    • a change in the use of a neighbouring property.

In a Revaluation Year, every taxpayer has a right to lodge an appeal but must do so by a fixed deadline.

What are Business Rates?

Non- domestic rates (often called Business Rates) are the way in which businesses and other occupiers of non-domestic property contribute towards the costs of local authority services.

How are Business Rates calculated?

Rate payers are billed for Business rates by their local authority. Your local authority calculates this bill by multiplying your rateable value by a factor set by central government each year. This is known as the multiplier or Uniform Business Rate (UBR). The valuations on which your rates are based, are dependent on different types of land and building areas and are typically multiplied by a cost per square metre.

When the business ratings list is calculated, the rateable value is set for the next 5 years and can only be challenged once in that period. Therefore businesses must ensure that they have been assessed correctly because their assessment will form the basis of their new rates. Ratepayers can appeal by themselves, but a skilled professional advisor is crucial to ensure maximum chance of success as without professional assessment, rates can go up as well as down.

Who sets Business Rates?

It is the job of the Valuation Office Agency (either the Valuation Office or the Scottish Assessors) to compile and maintain the business rating and council tax valuation lists. They are also responsible for:

  • Valuing property for the purposes of taxes administered by the Inland Revenue.
  • Providing statutory and non-statutory property valuation services.
  • Giving policy advice to ministers on property valuation matters

There are four key organisations involved in local Government finance and each has a separate responsibility.

  • Office of the deputy Prime Minister and the National Assembly for Wales.
    Responsible for setting overall Government policy on local taxation.
  • Valuation Office Agency
    Assesses rateable values that are the basis for working out rates bills.
    - This is the responsibility of the Valuation Office in England and Wales.
    - This the responsibility of the Scottish Assessors in Scotland.
  • Valuation Tribunals
    Independent, judicial bodies that have power to deal with appeals relating to non-domestic rating (and council tax).
  • Local Billing Authorities
    Responsible for working out your rates bill, giving any relief that may be due and for collecting money.

Am I applicable for a reduction?

All types of site can benefit whatever the sector or industry of the residing business; our clients have even included local authorities. Whether or not you will be able to achieve an appeal success will depend upon carrying out a precise, detailed and accurate survey to assess your site and valuation.

Please Note:
Ratings consultancy is a specialist service provided by some members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IRRV). Membership of the Ratings Surveyors Association (RSA) is restricted to members of the RICS with a minimum of 5 years experience. These bodies have agreed a Ratings Consultancy Code of Practice which sets down the standards which members should follow in relation to handling a non-domestic valuation appeal.

Ratepayers can appeal by themselves but a skilled professional advisor is crucial to ensure maximum chance of success as without professional assessment, rates can go up as well as down.

When the business ratings list is compiled, the rateable value is set for the next five years and can only be challenged once in that period. The Government can change an assessment at any time by way of a Valuation Office Notice.

In addition to valuation appeals, temporary rates reductions can be achieved by S44A (non use of a significant proportion of the assessment) and by MCC (Material Change of Circumstances, typically in the neighbourhood). These are situations that will significantly affect the worth of your assessment, on a temporary or permanent basis (e.g. road closures, major adjacent building works).

All types of site can benefit whatever the sector or industry of the residing business; our previous clients have even included several local authorities.

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