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How can savings be made?

When you call a mobile phone from a land-line, your land-line provider can charge up to 21 pence per minute. If you were to make the same call from a contract mobile phone, it would cost around 8 pence per minute. If you have a larger contract (eg 1000 minutes per month) it works out to be as little as 6.4 pence per minute.

If you provide us with a copy of your land-line telephone bill, or the following information we can give you some idea of savings you would expect to receive from this solution:

  • How much you spend ex VAT per month on calls from your office to mobile phones.
  • How many minutes that spend represents in total.
  • What sort of exchange lines you are connected to (i.e. ‘normal’ analogue lines, ISDN2 or ISDN30), and how many.

We can then work out the most suitable solution for you, and you can see how much you can save.

An example of possible savings:

PLC Limited use 5000 minutes a month calling landline to mobile. Their current provider charges 18 pence per minute.
Therefore their monthly bill on landline to mobile costs is £900.00.
By installing a call diverting system, where they are using a network provider’s package which charges 6.4 pence per minute, their monthly bill is reduced to £320.