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The Problem

Telecoms are an area regularly frequented with regards to cost reduction. Providers present themselves on a daily basis, in an attempt to win your custom with the promise of lower call charges and bills.
Although changing provider may be a viable option, a technical solution may be a more appropriate recommendation. If we were to identify that a large proportion of your phone bill is attributable to calls from landline to mobile, we may suggest the installation of a Gateway.

A Gateway device routes a land-line call through the mobile phone networks and reduces the costs of fixed phone calls to mobile phones.

The reason this reduces expense is due to the way that calling costs are currently structured. When calling from land-line to mobile, the interconnectivity fees between the fixed line operator and the mobile operator are extremely high.
Mobile network providers allow free in-network calling and also provide free minutes for local and national calls. This therefore provides a significant opportunity for savings to be made using a device such as the Gateway.