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Save On Electricity - Voltage Ace

One of the unique savings opportunities we offer involves the installation of an energy efficient technical solution at the electricity supply point on your site. The main feature of this device is its ability to improve the source voltage for the whole site, making the supply more efficient and therefore cutting electricity costs. This reduces bills and makes no perceptible difference to the efficient operation of electrical equipment.

Voltage logging conducted to date in the UK indicates that 70% of sites have an average of 7% over voltage supply.

Electricity providers are allowed by EU law, to supply electricity at any voltage between 207V and 254V. Most suppliers tend to supply at the upper end of this scale, so that more KWh are chargeable to you.

To give an indication of the effects of high voltage electricity supply on electrical equipment, it is worthwhile noting that a 230V lamp used at 240V will achieve only 55% of its rated life and will therefore fail after about 550 hours instead of the designed 1000 hours.

Most electrical equipment is designed to operate at a voltage at the lower end of the statutory range. Higher voltages increase losses and result in shorter equipment life. Higher voltages can also be the cause of irreparable damage to expensive computer systems.