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Benefits of saving electricity with this solution include

♠ Reduced energy use and costs by up to 20%.

♣ Lower maintenance costs on motors, lighting and equipment.

♠ Improved power quality in the facility.

♣ Lower operating temperatures of motors and lighting.

♠ Prolong the life of electrical components through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.

♣ Protect the facility from voltage transients and short-term power surges.

♠ The purchase of a Voltage Ace will result in a return on investment between 20-80%.

♣ Savings start immediately after installation, which takes between 2-6 hours.

♠ A Voltage Ace has a useful working life of approximately 30 years. Savings will continue to be maintained year on year.

An extract from the Carbon Trust website concerning the benefits of energy efficient technical solutions:

Making business sense of climate change

Why saving energy is good for business

The business benefits of lower energy consumption are clear


Lower energy costs bring immediate savings to the bottom line, increasing profitability. A 20% saving in energy consumption - realistically achievable by most businesses - can have the same positive effect as a 5% increase in sales.

Competitive edge

By reducing your overheads you automatically improve the competitiveness of your products or services.


More and more investors and customers are positively discriminating in favour of 'green' companies or organisations.


Government drivers such as the Climate Change Levy will have an increasing influence on energy use. Take action now and your organisation will be ready for the challenges of the future.